Connect, Listen, Grow

I’m starting a new undertaking with a blog. I’m committing to writing at least three times a week. This is my first.

Chris Brogan, who writes a blog that I faithfully read, has written about listing three words for the year instead of making New Year’s resolutions. He has done this over the past few years and I really like the idea. So here are my three words for 2012.

Connect – establish new and reestablish past relationships in a meaningful way. I have not been as effective at this task in the past and my commitment for this year is to do much better. My personal goal is to reach out to 5 individuals each week.

Listen – as I connect I want to actively listen to the challenges, successes, hopes, etc. in order to better understand my connections and determine how best I can support their efforts. This is a challenge for me as I often want to jump in before the other person is done to offer ideas or solutions. I will work on being an active listener.

Grow– continue my own self development by putting into practice the things that I run across that I find interesting (business and personal) and not just thinking that they are interesting and doing nothing. I read a lot about a number of subjects, but I have seldom taken the time to practice any of the ideas that I find interesting. That is going to change this year.

So, what are your three words for this year? It doesn’t have to be three, it can be two or even one. I’d like to know.

About caseywheeler

My interests include: Model trains, Reading, Genealogy, New York Yankees and helping organizations be successful.
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