12 in 12

I am trying a new program this year called “12 in 12.” I learned about if from Chris Brogan and Jacqueline Carly.

 The purpose of the program is to undertake something new each month and do it every day of that month. It doesn’t have to be anything huge. It can be something small. The idea is that it takes at least 21 days for something to become a habit and this gives you an opportunity to experience something new each month and then decide at the end of the month if you want to continue it.

I started with doing adding 25 sit-ups a day to my exercise routine for January. For February I’m experiencing life using an iMac along with my Windows powered PCs. As a second project for February I’m becoming more conversant with my smart phone.

Some other things that I am considering for the rest of the year are:

  1. Spend 1 minute in front of the mirror every morning, privately, saying, “I love you” to yourself. (It’s much harder than you think!)
  2. Replace just ONE glass/can/bottle of soda with one tall drink of water each day. (Start somewhere!)
  3. Trade 30 minutes. Go to bed 30 minutes earlier and wake up 30 minutes earlier. How does it change your rituals?
  4. Write down your intentions. Even if you don’t share these with others, the power is in writing it down. Daily.
  5. Tell one person a day that you appreciate him or her, and in what way. Be as heartfelt as you can be.
  6. Find five reasons to be thankful today and write them down. Review them all at the end of your month.
  7. Try one new song a day, from a different genre, from other countries even. Listen to it a few times in that day. Maybe 3 times.
  8. Every day, even if it’s a lie, say, “I’m open to opportunity finding me today. I will look for new paths.”
  9. Send three emails a day to people you should stay in touch with more often. Don’t ask for anything. Just check in. Ask what they are doing?
  10. Take walking laps around the building at work when on conference calls (if you can). If not, do laps daily on break. (Bonus if the building is on a city block!)
  11. Delete one newsletter or other email subscription a day. Are you really reading them all?
  12. Write “sit up straight” on a post-it and put it beside your monitor. Do it as often as you can daily.

I highly recommend the program. Use your creativity to explore new things. If you decide to undertake the program I’d really enjoy hearing about what you are doing and your experiences. You can contact me at casey@caseywheeler.com

About caseywheeler

My interests include: Model trains, Reading, Genealogy, New York Yankees and helping organizations be successful.
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