Hell is a place where nothing connects with nothing.  – T.S. Eliot, Introduction to Dante’s Inferno

Imagine by Jonah Lehrer clearly illustrates that creativity is something that can be learned and expanded upon through various ways. These approaches are not what we typically think of when we try to think creatively. This book is a very good resource for marketers or organizations that are seeking to be innovative.

Lehrer talks about how brainstorming sessions are not truly productive and how having a room full of PhDs in the same field does not lead to innovative breakthroughs.

The book is filled with many examples of how stimulate creativity and the reasons why. Some examples are:

The most creative companies have centralized bathrooms (forces people to interact with others outside of their department).

  1. The color blue can help you double your creative output (scientific testing).
  2. Embracing being in a rut or “hitting the wall” (Bob Dylan).
  3. Thinking like a child (easier for some than others).
  4. Daydreaming breaks during the day (3M Company).
  5. How travel helps develop an outsider’s view (increases awareness of previously suppressed ideas).
  6. Letting yourself go (Yo-Yo Ma).

 A couple of the puzzles used to illustrate points in the book are:

Marsha and Marjorie were born on the same day of the same month of the same year to the same mother and the same father yet they are not twins. How is that possible?

Rearrange the letters n-e-w-d-o-o-r to make one word.

You can either read the book or contact me for the answers if you’re stumped.

 I’m off to do a little daydreaming while I gaze at the clear blue sky….

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