Reviving Work Ethic – Chapters 2 and 3

Chapter 2 was interesting in getting Eric’s definition of work ethic. I particularly enjoyed the comparison of Sandbox values to what Employers want as I had never thought of it in those terms. The difficulty as he points out is that most the the media hyped celebrities “succeed” without following the values (Is Snookie someone we all want future workers to emulate?). I also saw value in the transition to the Work Ethic Markers compared with what Employers Want in the development of his definition of work ethic.

Chapter 3 deals with the development of the Work Ethic Matrix. I found the statement about a worker in the Idle Quadrant can possess the skills, but not the work ethic or personality for that matter to be very true as I have run across a number of individuals who fit that particular mold. I think that all of us have at some point briefly benefited from being in the Lucky Quadrant (I know I have) and then scramble to maintain the momentum it has provided us. I believe the Cheating Quadrant is the most harmful to an organization as Eric points out. Nothing is more dangerous that someone who knows what should be done, but chooses not to do it. This group destroys morale and causes great discord within organizations. Unfortunately, the Valued Quadrant is the least populated quadrant in most organizations.

Moving individuals toward being valued will and does take a lot of time.The challenge for employers is being a teacher and motivator when you believe that the employees should know better and be motivated. The more I read of the book, the more I’m convinced that yes employers need to step up to the plate on this issue, but that there also needs to be fundamental changes in our education system along with a new parenting paradigm.

What do you think?

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