Reviving Work Ethic – Chapters 4 and 5


In Chapter 4 Eric addresses how leaders/managers can increase cognizance among the new workforce. The first is to clarify – this is an area where I feel most organizations fall short. They expect to explain it once to new employees and then expect them to know it without any follow-up. This added to a lack of assessment as to where the employee is on the awareness scale is setting them up for disappointment and discouragement later on. Mentoring is also an important ingredient, but too often there is do as I say, not as I do mentality. The second half of the chapter deals with increasing employee compliance using relevance, reward and radiate. The explanation of the what and the why and their connection to the organization makes it easier for the younger worker to be compliant. Being creative with rewards without unconsciously reiforcing the entitlement attitude is a fine line that has to be carefully addressed. Recogizing those who live the culture helps to reinforce the understanding of expectations.

Chapter 5 is the first chapter that deals with the work ethic markers – positive attitude. Numerous studies have shown that a positive goes a long way in establishing a successful career. The difficulty in dealing with younger workers is that so many of their peer role models are successful because they go against the grain. In addition, our generation and subsequent generations establish a pattern of work is a drudge – “Thank God it’s Friday” that does not send a positive message about work. It goes back to establishing clarity in order to help them understand the expectations. I particularl liked Frankl’s qouate on embracing attitude as a personal choice and taking responsibility.

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