Reviving Work Ethic – Chapter 6 and 7


I am reviewing this book as part of the 12 Books group discussion which focuses on a business book each month.

Chapter 6 deals with reliability and Eric presents solid points on how to go about instilling the idea of realiability within the younger workforce. It goes back to Eric’s ongoing points of establishing clarity, assessing and mentoring. I agree with his example of Cal Ripken, Jr. as an example of extreme reliability. He also captures all of the traits for work ethic. I found his use of Brett Farve in this category interesting. He was reliable in the examples given, but I can cite as many and more where he was not. In addition, he falls woefully short in a number of the other markers for work ethic. I was excited to see the example of Bob Knops – an illustration of what an “ordinary” person can accomplish in this area. This is addressed succiently in the YouTube video titled “The Entitlement Creed.”

Chapter 7 deals with professionalism and the challenges that are presented by the younger workforce in this area. The difference in the perception of professionalism between the generations can be overcome but takes a great deal of time and effort on behalf of the leader/manager. Clarity is the key. He provides a number of examples on how to mentor the subject. The YouTube video titled “Eric Chester on Employee Appearance” provides a good summary for part of this chapter.

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