Reviving Work Ethic – Chapters 8 and 9

I am reviewing this book as part of the 12 Books group discussion which focuses on a business book each month.

Chapters 8 and 9 deal with Initiative and Respect.

Initative in the Universal Sandbox Values is translated as “do your best” and in what Employers Want as “go out of their way to add value/do more than required.” Eric gives several good examples of the problem along with root causes. He again uses the clarification, assess and mentor model as the way for leaders and managers to instill initative in the emerging generations. In the examples that he uses, initative is ingrained in the culture of the organizations so that employees receive reinforcement at all levels. My experience is that many organizatins lack a consistent culture when it comes to initative in employees. Too often there is a gotcha when initative is not successful rather that using it as a teaching/mentoring opportunity. I found the additional questions at the end of the chapter very helpful as conversation starters with employees.

Respect is defined as “Obey the Rules” in Universal Sandbox Values and “Play by the Rules” in Employer Wants. The challenge in this area is that emerging workforce has many role models who are disrespectable and successful at the same time. I liked his analogy to Aretha Franklin’s song R-E-S-P-E-C-T on page 142. He discusses the three critical areas that companies want to instill in their workers when it comes to respect. Towards the end of the chapter Eric outlines three steps to move employees into the valued quadrant. He points out that using fear as the motivator is not successful in either the short or long term. The bottom line is the respect in the organization needs to not only be clarified and mentored, it needs to be earned through leading by example and ingrained in the culture.

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