Reviving Work Ethic – Chapters 10, 11, and 12

I am reviewing this book as part of the 12 Books group discussion which focuses on a business book each month.

Chapter 10, 11 and 12 deal with Integrity, Gratitude and The Valued Proposition.

Integrity is defined as tell the truth in Universal Sandbox Values and are honest in Employers want. The author discusses the challenges with Integrity as we all either lie or cheat in some manner. Whether it is exceeding the speed limit, understating our weight for driver licenses, or claiming more deductions on our income taxes than we actually have. The Josephson Insititue of Ethics 2009 study results were of interest in finding that each new generation is more likely to lie and cheat than the preceding one, young people are more cynical and believe that a lack of integrity is needed to succeed, and that cheaters in high school tend to continue to be cheaters later in life. A recent USA article about the decline in cheating in high schools over the past few years may be the leading edge of a reversal of the trend. Only time will tell.

Gratitude is defined as say please and thank you in the Univeral Sandbox Values and give cheerful, friendly service in Employer Wants. I found the qoute by Mahatma Ghandi about the customer at the beginning of the chapter surprising as I had never thought of Ghandi focused on customer service. The author points out that the emerging generations have been raised in a culture where gratitude has declined as there is more of a focus on self. It comes down to letting them know that they are appreciated as employees and to clarify their understanding that their job is to solve problems.

In The Valued Proposition, Eric uses the analogy of a juggler spinning numerous plates. Instilling work ethic is a never ending process that focuses on clarity, assessment and mentoring. Using these principles will raise employees over time (yes, it is not an overnight process) to the valued quadrant where employers want them.

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