2012 In Review



It was a busy year for me and I hope that it was the same for you.

I assisted credit unions with the following areas: governance, strategic planning, leadership development, budgeting, regulator relations, policy development/review and mortgage department salary programs.

For nonprofits: governance, board training, strategic planning proper accounting, and policy development/review.

I assisted five companies in better understanding credit unions as they either prepared to enter the market or have a larger footprint within the credit union system.

I joined two business book clubs to assist with my self-development and passing on ideas/skills to others. They are 12 Books (own website) and Credit Union Leaders Book Club (on LinkedIn). They are both very good and I recommend that you consider joining one or both.

I also tried to provide support and assist in searches for my friends who are transitioning to new careers.

It was a rewarding year for me and I am looking forward to more in 2013!

About caseywheeler

My interests include: Model trains, Reading, Genealogy, New York Yankees and helping organizations be successful.
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