Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power

Thomas Jefferson The Art of Power

This book by Jon Meacham is an excellent biography of a very complicated man. Jefferson was a brilliant individual with a thirst for learning. He also sought power and control, but was very nonconfrontational.

The book is an informative and interesting read that is well documented and adds the confirmed relationship with Sally Hemings which is missing or implied in many earlier biographies.

The author clearly lays out the thought process of Jefferson along with his rationale for his behavior due to his conflicting beliefs and habits. His accomplishments during his lifetime ranged from the Declaration of Independence to the Louisiana Purchase to input on the Monroe Doctrine.

In regards to Jefferson’s impact on America, Meacham said it best: “Despite all of his shortcomings and all the inevitable disappointments and mistakes and dreams deferred, he left American, and the world, in a better place than it had been when he first entered the arena of public life.”

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the early history of the United States or in learning more about Thomas Jefferson and how he navigated the first 50 years of our country.

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