Wealth Warrior



Disclosure – I was given this book to read and review as the monthly selection for the 12 Books group.

This is a fast read due to the very short chapters, very large print and minimal original content. It is another in the long line of self-help books that focuses on a plethora of the usual subjects (fire in the belly, time management, service to others, positive thinking, etc.). It is filled with numerous quotes from other authors/individuals to the extent that I thought at times I was reading “The Secret” which is another book of this genre.

The book is motivational in nature and the author attempts to instill a sense of getting up and to start doing in order to be successful. One of the premises is that you are not to make money (but it is in actuality), but to provide service and that the money has to be earned or it is not real and the individual will not appreciate it.

I have read a number of the books the author mentions in the book and they are all better at addressing the different subjects in this book than the attempts by him.

This book is applicable if you are looking for a very light, somewhat motivational read without a great deal of “meat” in the content.

As for myself, I will be taking the author’s advice and not spend any time reading any of his other many works as they will simply keep me from what is important.

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My interests include: Model trains, Reading, Genealogy, New York Yankees and helping organizations be successful.
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