Chapter 1 – The Four Villains of Decision Making


I am leading a LinkedIn Group discussion on this book by Chip and Dan Heath and thought that I would share the chapter reviews with you on my blog.

Dan and Chip discuss what impedes good decision making by describing the four obstacles to good decision making.

First – Narrow Framing (unduly limiting the options we consider). Their approach is to consider “”Can I do this and that?” instead of “Can I do this or that?”

Second – The Confirmation Bias (seeking out information that bolsters our beliefs). Here they stress that a broader search for information both supporting and non-supporting in order to have a truer discussion of the ramifications of a decision.

Third – Short Term Emotion (being swayed by emotions that will not fade). Andy Grove is used as the example – “What would our successors do if we were not here?” in order to take emotions out of the decision.

Fourth – Overconfidence (having too much faith in our predictions). “Who wants to hear actors talk?” “Four-piece groups with guitars, particularly, are finished.”

Have you ever found yourself in one or more of these phases? Do you agree with the Heath brothers in their conclusions?

The final part of the chapter introduces us to the way to make better decisions – the WRAP process.

  • Widen Your Options
  • Reality-Test Your Assumptions
  • Attain Distance Before Deciding
  • Prepare to be Wrong

More to come on these subjects in the upcoming chapters.

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