Widen Your Options – Chapter 3 – Multitrack



The Heath brothers present the benefits of multitracking or considering more than one option simultaneously. They open the chapter with Lexicon, a company that widens its options by assigning the same task to multiple teams while also assigning a related task from a different perspective to another team.

Multitracking creates the opportunity for increased creativity and effectiveness. It also helps to keep egos in check due to becoming overinvested in a single option. Studies have shown the multitracking can actually be a faster process than considering a single option.

The brothers stress that multitracking does not mean considering so many options that paralysis is the end result. They point out that just considering two or three options greatly improves the chances of reaching very good decisions. They also discuss how using sham options are not conducive to good decision making.

They next expound on moving back and forth between prevention and promotion mindsets. The focus of the prevention mindset is avoiding negative outcomes. The focus of the promotion mindset is pursuing positive outcomes. The chapter ends with an emphasis on making “this and that” decisions versus “this or that.”

 Does your organization or department use multitracking as a part of decision making? If so, how often have very good decisions been made versus not so good decisions? If not, do you feel that multitracking will help lead to better decisions?

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