Decisive – Reality-Test Your Assumptions – Chapter 7 – Ooch



“To ooch or not to ooch, that is the question.”

I found this chapter to be interesting just based on the title. I’d never heard of Ooch before this book (granted I’m not a world traveler, but I do read a lot). The Heath boys describe Ooching as running small experiments to test your theories rather than jumping in whole hog. It’s kind of like dipping your toe into the bathwater to test the temperature.

The promote ooching because, in general, we are all pretty lousy at predicting the future. If we were good at it, we wouldn’t be reading this book. To confirm this they present evidence that “experts” are worse at predicting the future than extrapolating the base rate (covered in Chapter 6).

Chip and Dan offer that entrepreneurs normally are really good oochers as they tend to try things rather than spend a great deal of time forecasting. Not mentioned in the book, but I would recommend several items in Seth Godin’s blog and in several of his books on this particular subject. Seth refers to it as shipping.

They do present one caveat to ooching and that is that it is not a good idea where commitment is required. They offer several examples of this in the chapter. They go on to discuss how we try to predict success from job interviews when ooching is more productive – looking at work samples, peer ratings, etc.

Does your credit union practice ooching or does it roll the dice by going all in on one big bet? How successful has the credit union been utilizing either of these methods? Do you see how ooching can be utilized to make your department more productive? What is required to make ooching part of the culture in your credit union?

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