Decisive – Attain Distance Before Deciding – Chapter 9 –Honor Your Core Priorities



Here the Heath brothers point out that decision making is not always easy even when you dampen the short-term emotions. They point out that when you are agonizing over a decision it is usually due to a conflict among your priorities or values.

They describe core priorities as your long-term emotional values, goals and aspirations. It focuses on what type of person do you want to be and/or what kind of organization do you want to build. The prime directive is paying attention to the emotions that count.

The remainder of the chapter revolves around how to determine your core priorities and how to carve out time/space in order to purse them over spending time on shorter-term priorities.

Have you determined what your core priorities are? When you have a difficult time reaching a decision, is it due to a conflict with your core values? How did you feel after you made the decision?

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