Decisive – Prepare to Be Wrong – Chapter 11 – Set a Tripwire



Tripwires are used to make sure that we do not become too complacent in our decision making.  The purpose of tripwires is to make us realize that we do have a choice. Examples used at the beginning of the book and the chapter are Van Halen’s request for no chocolate M&M’s in the bowl and Zappos’s $1,000 offer to new hires.

Chip and Dan discuss that tripwires are most helpful when change is gradual. They use the example of Kodak and how they could have utilized tripwires to remain a viable organization. Has your credit union ever considered establishing or used tripwires similar to the way it was recommended for Kodak? When penetration reaches x in the marketplace, then we’ll implement y.

They also recommend using deadlines or partitions as tripwires. Have you ever used these for yourself and were they successful?

They point out that tripwires can create a safety net for risk taking by capping risk and easing our minds until the trigger is hit.

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