What Do You Need to Stop Doing?

success_failureI just finished reading a book by Joe Calloway called Be the Best At What Matters Most. The book focuses on what it takes to be successful in business and life. I was particularly moved by his list of the things that you need to stop doing and thought that I would share the list with you.

  1. Stop waiting for someone else to “fix it.”
  2. Stop worrying about things that you have no control over.
  3. Stop sending 25 e-mails when it could be resolved with a 5-minute phone call.
  4. Stop trying to make something work that’s never going to.
  5. Stop avoiding people whom you need to meet with.
  6. Stop trying to do everything perfectly and just do it.
  7. Stop listening to gossip or wasting time with negative people.
  8. Stop doing it the way you do it because it’s the way you’ve always done it.
  9. Stop having to be right and making the other person wrong.
  10. Stop spending too much time with people and not enough at your desk.
  11. Stop trying to do everything yourself.
  12. Stop hoping that the person causing the problem will somehow miraculously change.
  13. Stop putting off the decision that you know you must make immediately.
  14. Stop procrastinating and start implementing.
  15. Stop dwelling on what’s wrong. Start making it right.

Do you disagree with any of the above? Can you think of others that belong on the list? I’d love to hear what you think.

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My interests include: Model trains, Reading, Genealogy, New York Yankees and helping organizations be successful.
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