Lead By Greatness: How Character Can Power Your Success

Lead by Greatness

I received a  copy of this book courtesy of the author’s consulting group with the understanding that I would publish are review on my blog, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google + pages along with Amazon and Goodreads. This is the first book by David Lapin that I have read.

The theme of the book is that successful leaders treat individuals thoughtfully. Your character is the key to being successful. This is not a new idea, but is one of the few instances where an entire book is devoted to the subject. Instances of this theme can be found in other books such as “Good to Great” and “Start With Why”, but both of those also delve into other subjects.

The book is well laid out and is a fairly quick read. The major drawback is that the author’s writing style is not as engaging as Jim Collins or Simon Sineck which makes it a somewhat challenging read at times.

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